Coral Cutter

Coral Cutter

Rather than settle on one “signature cocktail” (because doing that is a little like publicly announcing which of your children is your favorite), we’ve settled on a signature tiki mug. That mug will contain our featured drink. Our first featured drink is the Coral Cutter, which is our take on the classic Fog Cutter. The Coral Cutter combines Fernet Menta, cognac, oat and coconut milk, cachaça, orange juice and demerara syrup.  It is both complex and refreshing. If you are looking for a place to start your journey through the drink menu, this is a good choice (though some people argue the first drink at any tiki bar should be the house Mai Tai, and ours certainly measures up). Either way, you win.

Emma Campos

In 1934 Earnest Beaumant-Gantt created the world’s first tiki bar in Los Angeles, CA. At the time, America was primed and ready for a distraction to an increasingly urbanized lifestyle and a few short years later, the concept began to take off nationally. By 1937, tiki had become so popular that a man named Victor Bergeron decided to transform his already popular bar in Oakland to a tropical oasis. Before doing so he decided to visit the famous bars of New Orleans, Cuba and other Caribbean destinations so he could expand his repertoire of rum drinks and learn directly from the masters. Upon his return, his bar, Hinky Dinks, became Trader Vic’s and he became Trader Vic, who would go on to build one of the most legendary bar/restaurant chains in the world.

Donn Beach

Earnest Beaumant-Gantt, who later became Donn Beach

It is fitting, then, that on a trip to Peru in 2015, bartender, Emma Campos, had an epiphany that would change the trajectory of her career. While there she met with local bartenders, drank pisco (a type or Peruvian cognac) and cachaça (a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice similar to rum) and even visited a local cognac distillery. That’s when she realized just how deep the rabbit hole of the global cocktail world really is and her passion for craft cocktails was born. Her drive and thirst for knowledge has since taken her to Belize, Ireland, London, Hawaii and beyond.

Today she is an incredible mixologist with nearly 20 years of experience. Her love of the art, along with her commitment to hospitality, has now landed her here – as the person heading up the Coral Club cocktail program. Once you take your first sip, you’ll know she is exactly where she is supposed to be doing exactly what she is supposed to do. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and begin your journey through a drink menu that will beckon you back again and again.

And if you’ve never had pisco or cachaça or you have and just want to learn more about it, there’s no need to go to Peru. Just belly up to the bar and ask. Who knows, perhaps it will lead you to an epiphany of your own.