They Might Not Make ‘Em Like They Used to, But We Do!

Bartender mixing tiki drink at Coral Club

Connor Christeson Mixing it Old School

In many ways, the tiki drink can be considered the O.G. of craft cocktails. Most contain several ingredients and there is a lot to making them right time and time again. That’s why the bars created by the Founding Fathers of Tiki had a specific set of rules from which they did not deviate. These included:

1) Using the finest and freshest ingredients including only freshly-squeezed juices.

2) Using the proper kind of ice. These drinks are highly-concentrated and require a kind of ice that melts fairly quickly to bring out the flavors.

3) Measuring ingredients – using a speed pourer works fine for a normal highball, but not for complex drinks with this many components, some of which are measured in drops.

4) Using a proper shaking/stirring technique – too much and you’ll dilute the drink. Too little and it will be too strong. It’s a tightrope, but we walk it with pride.

Does all this take a little more time, attention to detail and effort? It does. Is it worth it? Yes. We are honored to be able to keep these traditions alive.

This does not, however, mean there is no room to innovate. Many of the drinks on our menu are originals. Many others are our takes on the classics. And, while Coral Club does have a lot of great rum on hand, we don’t play favorites when it comes to spirits. So be sure to peruse the menu carefully and see if something new catches your eye.

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